Udo Hudelmaier - Artist and Designer

Udo Hudelmaier is a German born artist and designer who studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany (Diploma-Degree as Designer/BA, 1999) from where he then specialized in digital media with a particular focus on motion-design and on-air design. Hudelmaier's wide-ranging portfolio includes work for leading international clients.

His passion for classical artistic techniques led him to combine printmaking with cine film and digital technology as part of a master's program for experimental film-making at the University of Plymouth, UK (MA Contemporary Film Practice, 2010).

He worked for Plymouth University's ICCI (Innovation for the Creative and Cultural Industries, in 2014 and 2015) as a research assistant, focussing on 360° film and imaging. His research interests centre around audio-visual perception in immersive, virtual spaces.

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Artist Statement

My works are an excerpt from a continuous flow of events and transformations.In my films there is no beginning and no end. My photographs, on the other hand, capture a moment of these constant transformations. They isolate and show a stage of this process, chosen by me and picked out of the flow.

My materials are water and color pigments. For the films, photos, images I create the framework with these materials, set an impulse and let things develop. Like a gardener planting a seed. It is a path into the open, which is not controlled by my imagination.

With the help of macro and slow-motion pictures, I give insights into processes that would otherwise remain hidden from the eye. The slow movements are a counterpole to the hectic pace of our time. I am concerned with the tension between change and consistency, between emergence and decay. One leads to the other and is not possible without the previous and becomes itself again the starting point for new changes.